My Top 5 Summer Reads

Summer books

Gah–I can’t believe summer is more than halfway over. How depressing, especially since this summer has been so mild and since I’m thoroughly enjoying being able to walk every morning since I now work from home most days and can spend the time I used to spend in traffic outside enjoying the warmth. I’m STILL [...]

Are FTC’s Social Media Disclosure Guidelines Dead?


A few years ago, FTC’s revised online disclosure guidelines were the big thing in the blogosphere. Bloggers were apparently under scrutiny for non-disclosed “material connections” (aka compensation) between a brand and a blogger, with rumors of a $10,000 fine for not complying with the guidelines (apparently, this rumor was false and there was no such [...]

Leopard Carpet IS a Neutral, Right?


Long time, no post….I missed you, Chic n’ Geek! Such are the hazards of blogging for fun while also spending all day, every workday doing web/social media stuff…your enthusiasm for the hobby of blogging tends to wane when it feels like you’re just doing more work. Also, ADHD doesn’t exactly help either…but I digress. I [...]

Five fun things making my winter suck less

Swizzle sticks on Chic n' Geek

As enthusiastic as I was to start Chic n’ Geek, I know I’ve been horrible at keeping up with it. Part of that is just because I’m me–a procrastinator who’s already overcommitted who spends an embarrassing amount of time online daily so spending even more blogging feels overwhelming most of the time–and part is just [...]

Blogging and when is TMI too much for you?


I’ve seen a bunch of people posting and commenting about this article about the joy of unfollowing in the age of TMI via social media. To me, the most ah-ha moment of the piece is this line: There is no such thing as TMI on the Internet….There is such a thing as too much information for you. The [...]

Best Book Ever: The Goldfinch


I am super lucky to work for a company that’s closed between Christmas and New Years day, which meant that I just had the first stay-caytion I’ve had in I don’t know how long. I could have done without the stress of Christmas being part of it (I’m a grinch and hate Christmas) and also [...]

2013 Movie Recap


Ah, another year, another 50+ movies (55, to be exact). Yes, it pains me to say that for the first time since I’ve done these movie wrap-up posts (can you believe it’s been six years?), I have fallen short of my goal of seeing more movies than I saw the preceding year. Far short. ELEVEN [...]

Best Bethesda Bargains of the Year

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Last year was an, um, interesting one for me, job-wise. This time last year, I decided it was time to move on from the job I’d had (and mostly loved) for almost five years and took a new job, fully intent on it being a step up/forward. I’ll spare you the details, but that job [...]