2014 Movie Recap

2014 Movie Recap

*UPDATED because I’m old and forgot three movies! Thank you, Patrick, for reminding me of three movies I forgot!* Well, it’s that time again: time for my annual movie recap. Hard to believe this is my seventh year doing this–over these seven years, I’ve seen 390 393 movies. In the theater. You’re welcome, Hollywood. I have […]

Pins of the Week–Black Doors, Pumpkin Cocktail & Comfort Food

Pins of the Week from chicngeek.com

Follow Maggie McGary’s board Pins of the Week 11/21/14 on Pinterest. Long time, no pins of the week, right? My love affair with Pinterest has continued, and I swear it’s turned me into almost a decent cook–who knew that was possible? It’s also inspired me to do stuff I never would have thought about pre-Pinterest, […]

Why I Broke Up With My Keurig

Why I broke up with my Keurig

Ah, my trusty Keurig…I feel  disloyal writing this post because you’ve served me well and I used to love you so much. But the fact remains that I have all but given you up, and even my 16 year-old son recently asked “Why does real coffee taste so much better than Keurig coffee?” Before you […]

A Few of my Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things   Polyvore

I started thinking “I need to do a holiday gift guide post” then realized it’s been like a year since I created any Polyvore sets and I didn’t even remember how to do it anymore. So I figured I’d do a mini “favorite things” post now to practice, then, if I find the time and […]

Can You Reverse Blog Burnout?


Look at me, blogging two days in a row! Not that I have anything much to say, but it occurred to me that one of the reasons I have been having such a hard time doing something I used to love doing–writing–is because blogging has become more of a burden than a fun thing that […]

Plastic Reflections


Over the past few weeks, you can hardly scroll down your Facebook wall, listen to the radio, watch morning TV or page through the grocery store checkout line magazines without reading about the horrible crime that Renee Zellweger has committed: aging. Ok, sorry–aging and doing something to her face. Because she’s apparently the first woman […]

Beyond “Get Help”

Red flower

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. In that vein, I thought I’d offer this thought on helping people struggling with depression, in hopes that it may be useful to someone who knows that just saying “get help” isn’t enough to actually help. The thing that strikes me, each time a prominent figure commits suicide, is […]

Is Personal Blogging Still Worth it in the Age of Content Marketing?

Blogging graphic

I can’t believe summer’s over and we’re already basically halfway through September. I also realized that I’m hosting book club in a few weeks and hadn’t yet read the book, so last night I quickly downloaded Life Itself: A Memoir, Roger Ebert’s memoir. Conveniently also available as a documentary, if it turns out to be […]

My Top 5 Summer Reads

Summer books

Gah–I can’t believe summer is more than halfway over. How depressing, especially since this summer has been so mild and since I’m thoroughly enjoying being able to walk every morning since I now work from home most days and can spend the time I used to spend in traffic outside enjoying the warmth. I’m STILL […]