Last First Day

Last first day

I never take first day of school photos. Ok, once I took one–Mimi’s first day of kindergarten. Possibly I took a few more, back in the days when photos came from real cameras with real film then, at least in my case, mostly went right inside a real shoebox once back from the drugstore or […]

Giveaway: Lilly for Target Shift & Sandals

Lilly for Target giveaway on

Hey readers who are still here, despite my annual summer blogging slump–hi! Hope you’re having a great summer. Even though I’ve mostly been just working, I’ve been having a pretty good summer–gorgeous weather, lots of fun with friends, a few non-fail cucumbers and flowers in my garden (I mostly have a black thumb for gardening, sadly) and […]

Happy Birthday to Me With Summer Cocktails

Summer cocktails

It’s my birthday weekend! I turn the big 4-7 on Sunday. So what better way to celebrate than to share a bunch of summer cocktail recipes? In other summer news, the flowers above were from my 25th college reunion a few weeks ago–I’m still obsessed with those gorgeous orange roses that are now long dead […]

Spring Favorites

Chic n' geek Spring Favorites

Ok, so I drafted this post at least a month ago, thinking I was going to get back on the blogging wagon and start posting regularly again. Then work and life happened and…here it is a month later. But hey, better late than never, right? What was originally intended to be a list of some […]

Lillypocalypse Recap

My lilly for Target haul

So yes, I did get swept up in the insanity that was the Lilly for Target launch. As I wrote yesterday, I don’t do lines or crowds, but I am a night owl so I figured staying up and hitting refresh from midnight until whatever wee hour the Lilly stuff hit the Target website would […]

Lilly for Target? Yes Please!

lilly for target

Ugh–what a week–the first week of beautiful weather and I get hit with a wicked a stomach bug. But even feeling like a dead person all week couldn’t extinguish my growing excitement over the fact that Lilly for Target hits stores tomorrow!! Have no idea what I’m talking about? Lilly Pulitzer is the ridiculously pricey preppy […]

What’s Worse Than Insulting Moms? Insulting Them Again


Everyone loves a humble apology from someone admitting to past wrongs and revealing a change of heart, right? Especially when such a revelation comes from a woman who’s “embarrassed” to  confess her past contempt for other women who were dumb enough to put the needs of their families before their “commitment” to what really matters […]

Sorry to Ruin The 50 Shades of Fun, But….

50 Shades of Grey The Lie

So the long-awaited 50 Shades of Grey movie comes out this Saturday…Valentine’s Day. I’m sure I’ll go see it, just as every woman on the planet will, and I’m sure there will be a big glut of babies next winter as a result. But I’m going to go ahead and be a fun-ruiner and point […]

How to Use Pinterest Promoted Pins

How to use Pinterest Promoted Pins

Happy middle of winter. Said no one ever…or at least I certainly never said it. Winter is my annual nightmare, months and months of the things I hate most. Cold. Ugly, no-leaf trees and dead brown grass. Early darkness. Lethargy because I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be a hibernator, and cold renders me listless […]