About Maggie & Chic n’ Geek

You may already know me from Mizz Information, where I blog about social media, community management and random techie stuff. Welcome to Chic n’ Geek, where I explore my non-techie side and blog about whatever I feel like: what I wore, what I’m reading, what I’m watching, what I’m pinning, etc.

I’ve been blogging for more than 15 years and still can’t quit. I started blogging because I love writing and also just wanted a place to express myself and a creative outlet. Personal blogging led to business blogging, which led to a career in social media and online community management starting back in 2008. I still occasionally blog on my mostly business blog, Mizz Information, but after 10+ years there I kind of feel that I’ve moved to a new phase of life/career and wanted a fresh space to express my current self.

I originally started Chic n’ Geek in 2013, and kept it up until 2017. A few months ago I was like “I should just restart Chic n’ Geek” but wanted a fresh look….which sent me down the ADHD rabbit hole redesigning the logo (um, I’m not a graphic designer), the theme and just getting so overwhelmed in the weeds that I deleted all the old content (I can’t even remember why; here’s the archived site if you’re curious) and have driven myself half insane trying to figure out why I didn’t just leave well enough alone to begin with. Apparently COVID isolation + ADHD are either fantastic together or a nightmare…or I guess both. Anyway, the result is this new, fancier Chic n’ Geek that is still a work in progress.In the social media-mad world we live in, people are supposed to package themselves up into neatly defined boxes, personal brands that make us all feel like any day now we’ll be plucked from obscurity and become rich and famous overnight, going from being ordinary humans to gurus or influencers or “creators.” The problem with that is, once you’ve lived for a few decades in this reality