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If you already know me, you know about my love/hate relationship with social media. If not, if I ever get around to it, I’m sure I’ll write more about it here; if not, either you’re welcome for missing me rant or you can go down the 12 year-deep rabbit hole that is Mizz Information.

Anyway, the bottom line is that at this particular time in the US/the world, social media is such a cluster that it’s basically the reason I built this site to begin with–I wanted my own internet doomsday bunker because I mostly want to just get off the grid that is big tech/social media yet still be able to continue living a life that is (for better or for worse), spent largely online–especially during COVID. AKA I hate social media. With a few notable exceptions, the largest of which is ADHD social media.

That’s a much longer post for a time when I’m not frantically just trying to get this site launched already (also another whole long story…), but my point is that, ADHD social media is all the good of what social media started as/was originally meant to be before it all went to hell. Authentic, enlightening, full of things and people you never knew you had been missing your whole life until you found them via social media. And the best of the best of ADHD social media is podcasts, IMO. Randomly finding these podcasts this past year literally changed my life–as in literally literally.

The most life-changing? Translating ADHD. Even if you don’t have ADHD or know anyone who does, you should listen to this podcast just because it is everything you’d want in a podcast: interesting, entertaining, brilliant, full of insights I personally have never before come across in 52 years of a life of reading, going down a billion rabbit holes about various topics, etc. And just smart and endearing and original and awesome.

This episode is a good example of what’s so amazing about it–especially if you have ADHD.

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